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The certification of Agricultural Cooperative of Pelion & North Sporades is in accordance with the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Management System).

The certification is in accordance with the require­ments of AGRO2.1, AGRO2.2 (Food Safety Management System of olive).

The official certification and the application of the HACCP system which insures the absolute protection of the consumer from undesirable effects on the hygiene of the products which the company processes and transports.

The promotion of the characteristics of the products' exceptional quality of the COPIL.

The accentuation of the COPIL in a domineering position in the market of Greece and abroad.

The formation of producers’ teams in accordance with the guidelines of the European Unions' regulation 2200/96.

The development of modern methods of production and transportation, which is based on the latest attitudes with regards to ecological, biological and environmentally friendly cultivation in general.

The intensification of the products' promotion of PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN (KONSERVOLIA OF PELION VOLOS)

The development of biological olive cultivation, aim being the production of edible olives and ecological (unheated) oil, of superb quality and hygiene.

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Ano Lechonia, Magnesia, Greece

(+30) 2428093572, (+30) 2428093963, (+30) 2428093009

(+30) 2428094654   (+30) 6977608780

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